How To Make Oyster Crackers At Home

What Are Oyster Crackers?

The origins of the oyster crackers are a bit uncertain, according to New England’s Westminster Cracker Company who states that they have been making oyster crackers since 1828. However, it’s also said that Adam Exton is the creator of the oyster crackers and began making them at Adam Exton Cracker Bakery in New Jersey in 1847.

Oyster crackers are small, salted crackers, about the size of a dime. They typically come in round or hexagonal shapes, and are similar in flavor to saltine crackers. Oyster crackers are popular in the northeastern United States and especially the New England area, where they are served with soup. In the Cincinnati area, they are often served with chili. 

Why Are They Called Oyster Crackers?

There is no solid evidence as to how oyster crackers got their name, but it’s likely because they were originally served with oyster stew or clam chowder. Some point out that the crackers look similar to an oyster shell. While “oyster crackers” is the most common name, the crackers also are called “water crackers,” “Philadelphia crackers,” and “Trenton crackers.”

Are Oyster Crackers Healthy?

While oyster and saltine crackers might taste good, they aren’t exactly considered healthy. According to Livestrong, “While they are low in fat and calories, they don’t supply vitamins and minerals in impressive amounts — and they can be quite high in sodium, too.” These crackers are also not necessarily bad for you, but it is wise to watch how many you eat due to the amount of sodium they can pack.

How Do You Eat Oyster Crackers?

There is no specific “right” way to eat oyster crackers, but many people like to add them to their soup to add extra bulk and crunch. Others enjoy crushing the crackers up a bit before putting them in a soup. You can also pair crackers with cheese and wine for a nice evening in.

At Skyline Chili in Ohio, crackers are used as appetizers rather than a supplement to the main dish or appetizer. Skyline suggests putting a drop of hot sauce on your oyster crackers before eating it for an extra kick.

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